• Control Unleashed

    This small group class is great for young, out of control, or slightly reactive dogs! Learn how to read your dog, get their focus, and engage with them in an effective manner– even in distractions.
  • Private Dog Training

    Does your pup have a hard time learning in a group class environment? Private dog training offers you the flexibility and one-on-one attention that will help you achieve your goals.
  • Do you want a well-behaved dog?

    You can rest easy with our variety of group and private sessions to fit your needs.
  • Read My Dog Blog

    Learn more about what’s going on inside your dog’s head…

Let the training begin!

With In Good Paws Dog Training on your side, you will find that positive, force-free dog training is the most effective and fun way to teach your dog. Whether you have a young, out-of-control adolescent or a shy adult dog, or you just want to revisit the basics for a little fine-tuning, you will find your training solution here.

The goal of the methods used by In Good Paws is to improve communication between you and your dog so you can achieve the results you want, while simultaneously deepening the bond you share. Check us out so you can get started on your training journey right away.

Control Unleashed

Teach your dog focus and self control in the face of big distractions. Build their confidence and learn how best to communicate with your dog.

Private Sessions

Customize your training sessions to suit your dog’s exact needs.

Nose Work

Find out how much fun you and your dog can have by teaching them to use their nose in this great new dog sport.