Fourth of July Pet Safety Tips

Fourth of July for people typically means hanging out with family and friends, eating good food and enjoying the fireworks after the sun goes down.  However for our pets, these festivities can be frightening and stressful.  Follow these helpful tips to make sure your pet has a safe and more relaxing Fourth of July this year.

Border Collie with American Flag

  1. Keep your dogs indoors at all times: Even dogs used to being outdoors and around crowds can become panicked and break through their leash or jump the fence if the fireworks startle them. This means if you are going to a fireworks display, leave your dog at home.  She will be much calmer and happier away from all the noise and is less likely to escape if she is secured inside at home.
  2. Make sure your dog doesn’t have access to any alcohol or toxic foods: Alcohol is poisonous to dogs and cats and smaller amounts effect them more than humans.  Foods like grapes, onions and chocolate are also toxic to dogs- make sure to keep all human food out of reach.
  3. Get your pet micro-chipped and make sure your dog’s tags are legible and up to date:  If your dog does manage to escape you will be much more likely to locate him again if he is micro-chipped with proper identification
  4. Do not use insect repellents developed for humans on your pets: These products can have ingredients in them that are harmful to our pets, even if they are safe for us.  Try a natural product like Only Natural Pet’s Herbal Defense Spray instead.
  5. Do not use or store fireworks around your pets: Fireworks can be extremely dangerous to the curious dog who decides to investigate while they are being lit, and contain poisonous ingredients which are extremely harmful if ingested.
  6. Allow your dog to go to her safe spot: If it is hiding under your bed, or going to the back of the closet, allow your dog to go where she feels safest.  Trying to force her to come out and join the family will only make her feel more stressed and frightened.
  7. Turn on the T.V. or music to help drown out the noise outside: Find some calming classical music or a sitcom to use as background noise so the sounds outside aren’t quite so obvious.
  8. If your dog is typically anxious around fireworks, try some natural calming remedies: While nothing works for all dogs, here are a few product to try out
    1. Only Natural Pet Relaxi-Herb Herbal Formula
    2. Sentry Calming Collar (usually can be found at your local pet store)
    3. ThunderShirt (must follow directions for proper effect- begin using at least a few days before needed)
  9. If your dog will eat, try giving him a yummy stuffed kong or bully stick to keep him occupied: Dogs will typically not eat if they are extremely stressed or frightened, but if your dog is still undecided about how to feel a yummy treat might help him realize that fireworks aren’t so bad after all.

Do enjoy your Fourth of July this year and if you follow these tips, your dog will have a better and safer time as well.

Happy Fourth!

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