Finnegan’s Christmas List

As Christmas draws near, I am getting close to finishing my holiday shopping. One last family member to buy for: Finnegan, my dog.

His list, if he could tell me, would probably encompass any toy known to man. But since he cannot tell me, I have made a list for him of the few toys that look like they would be the most fun for both of us.

  • Kong Jumbler Ball: It has a tennis ball inside and squeaks! It is made of a soft plastic, so throwing it around won’t cause damage to floors or walls (can’t promise the dog won’t though). This looks like it would be a fun toy for gentle tug and tossing in the yard.
  • Aerobie Super Flyer: Though not specifically made for dogs, I found one of these at the dog park and loved it. It is gentler on their teeth than normal plastic Frisbees but flies better than the softer Frisbees made for dogs. This is a must have on my Aussie’s list.
  • JW Hol-ee Roller: A fantastic toy with many possibilities. It is described as indestructible, but as many a dog owner knows, no toy is truly indestructible. However, I saw a cool idea on Pinterest that is great for those dogs that love to shred stuffed toys. Take a hol-ee roller, and stuff it full with strips of fabric, let them rip those out and restuff—endless fun for your dog, and not bad on the pocketbook. **However, do supervise your dog with this activity to make sure your dog doesn’t eat the strips of fabric. Ingesting fabric could lead to serious medical issues for your dog. If your dog does tend to eat shreds of stuffed toys, do not use the Hol-ee Roller this way.**
  • Ethical Products Skinneeez Raccoon: This toy recently met its end at our house, but Finn tells me another must be on hand soon. This is one of my dog’s favorite toys, and best part is: there iFetch Toois no stuffing to rip out (or for me to clean up). With two squeakers and being extra long, this toy is great for gentle tug, toss and to entice him to chase.
  • iFetch Too: This is an automatic ball launcher that can launch balls 10, 25 or 40 feet. This would be great for those moments when I need to catch up on emails or prepare for a session, but Finnegan thinks it is play time (again). I would never have this replace our regular play sessions throughout the day, but this would be nice when I need a quick break, but he is not done playing yet. They make a size for smaller dogs too (just known as the iFetch).



I hope this give you some good ideas if you are stuck on choosing a toy to get your dog.  I have many more things that I would love to get Finnegan, but for now choosing between these great toys will have to do until next year (or next month).

Happy holidays to you and your furry family members!

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