Walk With Me

We are all taking more walks with our dogs during the quarantine, which is great! Walks provide much needed mental stimulation and exercise for us and our dogs. It also helps boost our mood and relieve boredom.

Here are some tips to make your walks even more fun for you and your dog:

-Change up your route:  Even walking the same route backwards is more mentally stimulating. Choose this time to discover new parts of your neighborhood!

-Allow sniffing:  Unless you have a very small dog, walks aren’t typically physically tiring for our dogs. Instead, they serve to provide enrichment and mental stimulation which is equally important. As a bonus, sniffing is a calming activity for dogs and can tire their minds. Let them investigate the world; it’s their walk too!

-Go on multiple walks a day:  Doing 1 long walk is great, but if you can go out multiple times it breaks up the day for everyone and staves off boredom for our pups.

-Be present with your dog:  Instead of popping in your earbuds, try focusing on the actual walk with your dog. Being mindful will increase your enjoyment of the walk and improve your bond. Take in the sights, watch your dog enjoy a smell, or feel the sun on your skin. Dogs are great teachers at enjoying the moment, let’s learn from them!

Where ever you are in the world, get out there and enjoy a walk with your dog today.

Happy sniffing and be well!

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