Clicker Training Your Dog

clicker training dogs

Many people have heard the term “clicker training” before and maybe have even seen the tools for sale in pet stores, but how do you actually use it to train your dog? How to use the clicker: The clicker is used when teaching new behaviors, and helps give us more precise timing when training our … Read more

Why Should I Crate My Dog?

Puppy Training - Crate Training

The crate is a favorite tool among most dog trainers, but I am still met with occasional resistance to using the crate from some owners I work with.  The main concern is usually, “Isn’t using the crate cruel? It is like a cage—I don’t want my dog to feel that he is trapped.”  Or another … Read more

The Holidays are Here: Teach Your Dog to Greet Guests Politely

The holidays are a time when we can visit with friends and family, eat good food and have fun celebrating the season. None of us want this picturesque vision to be disrupted by an enthusiastic dog jumping all over our nicely dressed guests, but how do we stop this behavior? Firstly, if you want your … Read more

How to Housetrain Your Puppy (or Dog of Any Age)

Everyone knows it is vital to housetrain your new puppy or newly adopted adult dog, but there are many different recommendations out there as to which way is best. Below I have outlined my plan for housetraining your puppy or dog in as little time as possible.   Step 1: Make sure to prevent future … Read more

How to Stuff a Kong– Ways to Keep Your Busy Dog Occupied

What is a Kong? A Kong is a rubber dog toy that you can stuff and restuff (and restuff) to give your dog an appropriate outlet for his chewing needs. Kongs are durable, but still have enough give that satisfies our dogs’ need to chew. I personally use this as a fetch toy (it has … Read more

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