Control Unleashed Service Dog in Training/Sports Dog Prep

Do you have a Service Dog in Training?  Are you serious about competing in dog sports and want to lay a good foundation for the skills to come?  Looking for a controlled way to increase distractions that come up in real life?  In this small group class we teach you how to get your dog to settle, keep their focus, and more effectively communicate and work with your dog.

This is not a basic obedience class- rather, this is a behavior modification class that teaches your dog focus and self control so he can become a reliable partner in life or for fun.

*Please Note: This class will not cover any specific task training for service dogs or sports specific training. Instead, this class is designed to give you tools and exercises to help your dog be able to focus and perform in different environments. The goal is to give your dog the skills to succeed in future training of this sort. 

Build your dog's focus in distracting environments.

Small group class geared towards Service Dogs in Training and Sports Dog Prep.

Build your dog’s focus in distracting environments.

Your dog SHOULD attend Control Unleashed SDiT/Sports Dog Prep if they:

  • Are a Service Dog in Training
  • Are training for sports such as agility, flyball, etc.
  • Are distracted around other dogs/people
  • Have difficulty concentrating
  • Have trouble with impulse control

Your dog SHOULD NOT attend Control Unleashed if they:

  • Are uncomfortable around other dogs or people
  • Are reactive to other dogs or people
  • Have moderate to severe aggression toward other dogs or toward people
  • Have a bite history

*If this sounds like your dog, contact Patrice about other training options.

Note: In order to get the most out of the class experience, students should be serious about practicing at home with their dog between sessions.  For best results, a minimum of four 10-15 minute at-home practice sessions is recommended each week.  A phone consult or email exchange is required to sign up to ensure it is a good fit for you and your dog.

Email or click here to register!


$260 for a 6 week course + 1 people- only orientation

We now have an assistant trainer in class to maximize your success.

*Included in enrollment in the course is the book Control Unleashed: Creating a Focused and Confident Dog by Leslie McDevitt.  This course is based off of the exercises in this book making it a very useful reference tool.  

Training Equipment Needed For Course

  • 6′ leash (not retractable)
  • Flat collar and/or harness (front clip harness recommended- no prong collars, choke chains or shock collars allowed 
  • Clicker (optional)
  • A variety of your dog’s favorite soft treats (lots! cut up into very small pieces in a treat holder you can hook onto your clothes)
  • Crate– can be soft sided, plastic or wire (optional)
  • Towel or mat for your dog
  • A Kong stuffed with food/a chew they enjoy
  • Tug toy
  • Water bowl

*Some of this equipment can be borrowed if needed, so don’t worry if you don’t have everything.

Course Information

  • Each class lasts 1 hour
  • Class size limit is 6 dogs
  • Orientation is a 1 hour people-only session

Course Date/Time

  • Next class TBD. Please email to get on the waitlist.

Course Location

Team Spirit Agility:

8910 W. 52nd Ave. 
Arvada, CO  80002