Small Group Dog Training

Focus and self-control for distracted or reactive dogs

Control Unleashed is not your basic obedience class.

We go beyond the basics, teaching your dog focus and self-control in the face of distractions—other people and dogs, for example—all in a controlled small group environment.

Control Unleashed is perfect for dogs who:

  • Bark and lunge on leash
  • Struggle to focus in busy/distracting environments
  • Ignore you the second the leash is off
  • Are nervous or reactive around new dogs or people
  • Are easily excited, anxious, or stressed
  • Lack impulse control (door-dashing, demand barking, jumping, etc.)

Control Unleashed is not right for dogs who:

  • Are under 6 months of age
  • Have moderate to severe aggression toward other dogs or people
  • Have a bite history

Wondering if your dog is a good fit? Just ask!

Control Unleashed: Course Progression

Dogs learn the same way people do—they need a solid foundation of patience and self-control before they can build up to more challenging situations. This course is designed to establish a strong foundation and keep building on it to achieve significant progress with your dog.

To get the most from Control Unleashed, students should be serious about practicing at home with their dog between class sessions. These classes are based on the exercises found in the Control Unleashed series of books and DVDs by Leslie McDevitt.


Teach your dog how to relax on their own, learn training games that increase focus, and improve your skills as a handler. Prerequisite: Instructor Evaluation.


Work alongside other dogs and improve your dog’s self-control around increasing distractions and more challenging tasks. Prerequisite: Basics.

Continuing CU

Easy, drop-in format with real world practice. Work your dog around a variety of other dogs and handlers, leveling up the challenge as needed. Prerequisite: Intermediate.

Control Unleashed: Instructor Evaluation

An instructor evaluation is required to determine if this class is a good fit for your dog. If it isn’t, we’ll suggest other training options to help your dog succeed.

  • Learn management strategies and enrichment activities for immediate relief of problem behaviors
  • Practice an essential focus game that can be used daily to help you and your dog check-in and remain engaged
  • Establish strong training skills with a clicker or verbal marker (crucial for teaching new behaviors)
  • Evaluations last 30 minutes at a location determined by your trainer; cost is $75

Control Unleashed: Basics

In the first level of Control Unleashed, we’ll establish a solid foundation for you and your dog. Build your skills as a handler while teaching your dog how to relax and providing them with tools to help them cope with stressful or distracting environments.

  • Prerequisite: Instructor Evaluation
  • Learn how to get to the root of any behavior problem by reframing the picture– change the emotion to change the behavior
  • Build your environmental awareness to help avoid triggering situations
  • Create strong habits for self-relaxation and frequent check-ins
  • Learn “two-way conversations”: training games where you decide what comes next based on your dog’s responses
  • Small group class capped at 5 dogs with 2 instructors to ensure maximum success
  • A required 60-minute virtual orientation is held the week before in-person classes begin
  • In-person classes meet weekly for a total of four 50-minute classes; cost is $225
  • Classes are run on Sundays either at 10:00am or 11:30am

Check the list of Required Training Equipment below for everything you’ll need to participate.

Control Unleashed: Intermediate

Expand your dog’s ability to work through distractions near other dogs. As a handler, you’ll learn when to push your dog to the next step or revisit something easier to create healthy habits. You’ll also develop your dog’s ability to self-modulate their arousal—in other words, their ability to calm down after they get really excited.

  • Prerequisite: Basics
  • Transform triggers into cues to help automate desired responses to stress or distractions
  • Continue “two-way conversation” exercises to improve the feedback loop between you and your dog
  • Small group class capped at 5 dogs with 2 instructors for maximum success
  • In-person classes meet weekly for a total of four 50-minute classes; cost is $200
  • Classes are run on Sundays either at 10:00am or 11:30am

Check the list of Required Training Equipment below for everything you’ll need to participate.

Continuing Control Unleashed

*Now open for registration:

In this drop-in style class, you’ll work your dog around a variety of other dogs and handlers in real world scenarios. You’ll have time to focus on your specific goals and transition your classroom skills over to real-life situations. Join every once in a while to keep your dog sharp, or stay on as long as you like to make some big changes.

  • Prerequisite: Intermediate
  • Generalize your dog’s skills with new dogs/handlers
  • Field trips transition your skills from the classroom to real-life situations
  • Semi-private class capped at 3 dogs for maximum attention and success
  • $80 for a single 60 minute semi-private class; or, save by purchasing classes in a 3-pack ($210) or 5-pack ($300)
  • *Classes are held sun, rain, or snow; dress accordingly. Classes will be held unless weather extremes are deemed dangerous and your trainer will notify you if class is canceled.

Check the list of Required Training Equipment below for everything you’ll need to participate.

Required Training Equipment

  • 6-foot leash (retractable leashes not accepted)
  • Flat collar and/or harness (front clip harness recommended—no prong collars, choke chains or shock collars allowed)
  • Lots of your dog’s favorite treats, cut into small pieces
  • A treat holder you can attach to your clothes for easy access
  • Towel or mat for your dog to lie on
  • Stuffed Kong, bone, or other chew
  • Tug toy
  • Water bowl
  • Clicker (optional)
  • Crate—can be soft-sided, plastic, or wire mesh (optional)

*Don’t have everything on the list? Don’t worry! We have extras you can borrow if needed, so just let us know.

Course Location

Basics and Intermediate:

Team Spirit Agility
8910 W. 52nd Ave. 
Arvada, CO  80002

Continuing CU: Locations vary.

Next Session Start Date/Time

New classes are being added! Basics and Intermediate classes run on Sundays either at 10:00am or 11:30am. Schedule a free 15 minute discovery call to join our next session.

Health Note: All dogs must be healthy and current on all vaccinations to join group classes. Puppies must have age-appropriate vaccinations, and adult dogs must have at least distemper and rabies vaccinations. Titer tests are accepted.

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