We offer a variety of positive dog training options so you can find the right one for you and your dog!

Positive Dog Training

Private Dog Training: Perhaps you would prefer a tailored approach to training your dog.  These sessions feature one-on-one instruction with a trainer and a customized training plan to fit your needs. Now offering virtual training!

Why choose private training?

  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Tailored training plan to focus on your specific goals
  • Done in-home, so no need to travel
  • Allows you to get that one-on-one attention that is sometime necessary for our dogs
  • Great for dogs that don’t do well in a group setting
Control Unleashed: This small group class teaches your dog focus and self control in the face of big distractions.

Who is Control Unleashed for?

  • Dogs who are uncomfortable or distracted around other dogs/people
  • Dogs who have difficulty concentrating
  • Dogs who are reactive or easily aroused/excited
  • Dogs who are anxious or stressed
  • Dogs who have trouble with impulse control
Nose Work: This exciting new canine sport teaches your dog to use their sense of smell to detect specific odors and is both fun and challenging. New 6 week Intro to Nose Work Online Course available now!

What are the benefits to Nose Work?

  • Increased confidence in shy/fearful dogs
  • Great outlet for that extra energy
  • Perfect for dogs and owners of any ability level
  • It’s just plain fun!
Why use positive dog training over other methods?

Positive dog training is the wave of the future, known under many other names such as “force-free dog training”, “science-based dog training”, “modern dog training”, and many more.  It has been shown to improve the owner/dog relationship and speed up learning.  But what is it exactly?

While each trainers’ methods may vary company to company, the type of training used by In Good Paws Dog Training is based off of learning theory. Learning theory is the scientific approach to how all animals learn, humans included.  It is founded on the principles of reinforcement and punishment. Reinforcement increases the likelihood that a behavior will occur more in the future, and punishment decreases this likelihood.

That being said, learning theory has shown that using physical punishment, or any additive punishment like yelling or intimidation, actually slows the learning process and is not necessary for training dogs.

Thus, methods used by In Good Paws focus on:

  • Rewarding behavior we want
  • Preventing/redirecting unwanted behavior
  • Removing rewards for unwanted behavior
  • Establishing clear communication and boundaries

It is based on building a trusting relationship between owner and dog, and giving owners tools they can go to when their dogs tries to push those boundaries.

We hope that by using In Good Paws Dog Training, you get to experience just how wonderful it is to train your dog to be well-behaved and maintain a great relationship with them at the same time.

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