Puppy Socialization

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  • puppy socialization- puppy classes- puppy training
  • puppy socialization - puppy training - puppy classes

Why is puppy socialization important?

Puppy socialization involves positive exposure to new puppies, people, noises, and experiences at this critical early age.   This allows your puppy to gain confidence, develop social skills, and learn that new things = good stuff!  Proper socialization is vital in preventing your dog from developing behavioral problems like fear and aggression later in life.

Who should come?

Puppies between 9 weeks and 16 weeks. Each puppy must at least have one round of DA2PP and Bordetella 1 week prior to starting class. Please wait at least 10 days after getting your new puppy to join class.

*Please do not bring your puppy to class if they are showing any signs of illness: i.e. throwing up, diarrhea, coughing, not eating or drinking, etc.

We also have a no dog park policy. Please do not attend puppy socialization if you are using the dog park; it might expose other puppies to potentially dangerous germs.

What to expect?

Class will be broken down into different activities, however the majority of this class is devoted to off-leash play. This allows our puppies to learn social skills and dog-dog communication, thus becoming a dog savvy adult.

In between play time, we will incorporate exercises that prepare our puppies for life with humans.  This includes body handling exercises (for vet exams or grooming) and impulse control skills. They will also explore different surfaces, obstacles, and scenarios to expose your puppy to a variety of experiences.  Great for confidence building!

If your puppy is shy, fearful, or reactive, we will make adjustments to create a space to make them comfortable.  Many shy puppies come out of their shells after a week or two of observing. The goal of this class is to expose your puppy to new things slowly and positively so that we build confidence on their terms.

  • puppy socialization- puppy classes- puppy training
  • Puppy socialization classes- puppy classes - puppy training
  • puppy socialization- puppy classes- puppy training
  • puppy socialization- puppy classes- puppy training
  • Puppy socialization- puppy classes- puppy training

What to Bring?

  • Your puppy’s current vaccination records
  • 6′ leash and collar/harness
  • Treats (soft and cut into small pieces)

*Please let us know if your puppy has any allergies or diet restrictions.

Class Details

Cost: $15 per drop-in class (or buy a 4 pack for $55)

Dates/Times: Saturdays at 9:30am starting January 26th, 2019

Location: Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital, 287 N US-287, Lafayette, CO 80026

Class lasts 45 minutes and is limited to 8 puppies.  Sign up today before it fills!

We are proud to be hosting these puppy socialization classes in collaboration with Jayson from The Good Dog Project.  If you have questions you can reach out to either Jayson or Patrice with In Good Paws Dog Training.

My puppy isn't fully vaccinated though!

We understand your concern.

We take every precaution to make puppy socialization as safe as possible. The area in which class will be held is cleaned prior to class with veterinary recommend cleaning products. We ask that all puppies attending wait 10 days after first coming home to start class to ensure your puppy won’t break with any illness. During that 10 days we recommend that every puppy is seen by a vet to ensure each puppy is healthy and on track with their vaccines. No puppy will be allowed in class without a copy of their vaccines present or received prior to the start of class.

Taking your puppy to unsanitary places such as the dog park can pose a risk to your puppy’s health before they are fully vaccinated.  However, the cleaning protocols taken at Mountain Ridge Animal Hospital cut down the risk of illness significantly, making our puppy socialization classes an important part to raising a happy and healthy puppy. 

If you want to read more about socialization and the risks vs. the benefits check out these articles.

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