The Social Teen

Is your puppy too old for the typical puppy socialization class, but you know they still need to be learning social skills with other dogs and people?  Do you want a little extra help during this difficult stage in their development?

The Social Teen is offered to dogs between 5 and 9 months of age.  The majority of class is off leash, so your pup can continue learning social skills in a more controlled environment.  While class is primarily focused on play skills and socialization, we take short breaks from play to work on a variety of skills including:

Puppy socialization class Broomfield

  • Sits
  • Confidence Drills
  • Focus/Eye Contact
  • Polite Greetings
  • Leash Skills
  • And more!


Try your first class for just $10!

After that:

-$20 for a single class

-$65 for a package of 4 classes

Please Bring to Class

  • 6′ leash (not retractable)Adolescent Socialization Class
  • Flat collar (no prong collars, choke chains, or shock collars allowed)
  • A variety of your dog’s favorite soft treats cut up into small pieces
  • A hungry puppy
  • Proof of vaccinations: current rabies, distemper and a 6 month bordetella are required at this facility

Course Information

  • Open enrollment
  • Each class lasts 1 hour
  • Class size limit is 8 dogs
  • We are teaming up with Jayson from The Good Dog Project to be able to give your pup more supervision and you more support!

Upcoming Course Date/Time

  • *** Class is currently postponed indefinitely– please fill out a registration form to indicate interest in this class for the future***

Course Location

  • Two Ponds Pet Lodge: 9530 W 80th Ave, Arvada, CO 80005


Health Note: All dogs must be healthy and current on all vaccinations (this facility requires up-to-date rabies, distemper and a 6 month bordetella).