Patrice Kuiken Founder/Owner of In Good Paws Dog Training

© Uhli Photography 2015
© Uhli Photography 2015

Patrice Kuiken has been passionate about animals, and especially dogs, ever since she was a little girl. This passion found a direction after volunteering for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and attending CU Boulder to obtain a degree in Psychology. There she found the joy of using force-free dog training to help improve the behavior of shelter dogs, making them more adoptable. She worked with many dogs over the years at the Humane Society and was always thrilled when they found their forever home.

Fueled with a passion for helping dogs and their owners build a better bond and learn how to communicate with one another, Patrice began reading every dog training book she could get her hands on, as well as attending seminars on a variety of dog training topics. Patrice worked at a doggy day care through college and worked as a dog trainer at a local pet store after graduation. She already has over 9 years of experience working with a wide variety of dogs.

Patrice enjoys spending her free time with her furry family member, Finnegan the Aussie. Born around the new year of 2013, this tenacious pup has been a joy and one of the best teachers she could have ever hoped for. She is thrilled to be able to launch In Good Paws Dog Training to be able to share her passion with those who are seeking help with their own dogs.

As a company, In Good Paws Dog Training strives to provide the most up to date, effective and humane training methods possible. Patrice is always seeking to further her knowledge in dog behavior, knowing that everything she learns is another tool in her belt to aid her clients. Her goal is to help every owner she works with develop a deeper bond and an increased line of communication with their dog. Patrice is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers and the Pet Professional Guild; she regularly attends webinars hosted by these organizations to continue to build her skills to provide her clients with the best dog training out there.

Her specialty is young/adolescent, out of control dogs, and reactive dogs whose owners are at their wits’ end. Having raised such a wild youngster herself, she understands the frustrations and difficulties that owners face with difficult dogs. Patrice teaches with passion and patience and works hard to help her clients achieve their goals.