It is best to hear about a company through the eyes of their clients.  Below are a few of the many glowing testimonials for In Good Paws Dog Training, with more always on the way.

“In Good Paws was able to help my boisterous, loud, too-smart-for-her-own-good teenage cattle dog learn how to settle and relax – even in public! Patrice is helpful, patient, and knowledgeable, and provided detailed training plans based on my dog’s unique personality and issues. She answered any questions I had thoroughly and responded to video feedback in between sessions. The best part? She treated my dog with kindness and compassion – showing that you do not need to use aversive methods to have a well-behaved dog, just consistency and methodical training!”

-Aly Jabrocki

“I contacted Patrice to work with my dog Roo and me after some unfortunate and scary encounters with loose dogs in our neighborhood.  I wanted to learn some skills for me and my dog so that Roo was less reactive, more relaxed and responsive to me and I could feel more confident walking her in all situations.   From the very first phone call, Patrice was empathic, thorough, and helpful.  Her knowledge of dog-training principles is outstanding and her methods are positive and effective.  Patrice knows her stuff, but does not overwhelm the owner with lots of jargon and information-overload.  Roo and I have found a dog-trainer for life in Patrice and In Good Paws Training.”

-Janine D’Anniballe

“My dog Lena and I completed the Control Unleashed class with Patrice and In Good Paws Dog Training. The entire experience was fantastic. Patrice is excellent at communicating  – both in expectations and preparation for the class, as well as follow-up information and homework handouts weekly. I particularly appreciated that Patrice and her assistant Kara took time to speak with each team during class, getting a better idea of our main goals for our dogs and their experiences and training leading up to our time in the CU class. It was a group class; each team had different goals and needs and Patrice did a great job of balancing that and helping us to tailor the exercises to best suit what we specifically wanted to work on. I highly recommend In Good Paws “

-Emily Witt

“We have tried several dog trainers over the past 15 years and Patrice Kuiken of Good Paws Dog Training is outstanding in the field.  Her style is compassionate, loving and intuitive.  Her consistent and professional approach to guiding your dog to better behavior is impressive and we have had amazing results with our current puppy.  I highly recommend her for caretakers that are seeking to guide their dogs to have consistent and appropriate manners and conduct.”

-Theo Dierks

“If you want and need a true “Dog Whisperer” with a great big heart, do NOT pass up the opportunity to engage Patrice Kuiken.  Effective, kind, gentle – yes! Professional – yes!

Patrice went out of her way to accommodate and help with anything our dog needed, and earned much more than she charges.  She takes specific notes on each session and communicates results, plans, and intentions/goals well and often.  She handles and cares for my dog Mattie as if she were her own.

Patrice’s results over her first 18 private day training sessions with Mattie were outstanding… except for one thing- Mattie loves and bonded with her, and I’m a jealous ‘ole phart type! What a problem to have, wouldn’t you say?!  Call me.  I’ll be very happy to endorse Patrice Kuiken with In Good Paws Dog Training.”

-Andrew Monaghan Sr.

“I hired Patrice Kuiken at In Good Paws Dog Training to help me with my dog, Abby’s, leash aggression. Abby had become increasingly aggressive with strangers and other dogs when I was walking her on a leash. Patrice was able to come up with training techniques that helped ease her leash aggression almost immediately. Abby had several one on one training sessions with Patrice and became much more comfortable on her leash. Patrice and I would also have joint training sessions with Abby so I could reinforce the training that Abby had been receiving. I found Patrice to be very professional and very well prepared with a training plan that was easy to implement and that also succeeded. My dog, Abby also adored Patrice! I have never seen her so excited to see somebody every time Patrice came to grab her for a training session. I highly recommend Patrice and In Good Paws Training to any dog owner who is having issues with their pet.”

–Kevin Behnke

“Patrice is a wonderful dog trainer, who has been an immense help to us in training our big puppy. Although we have had several large dogs before, this is the first time that we have started with a very large puppy, and we were completely clueless.  Six private lessons gave us a much-needed start, and great insights on how to continue.  We were amazed how Patrice seemed to be right inside the head and heart of our dog with her very gentle and positive approach.  And, it even worked when we tried it ourselves!

So, we got a really good start with the six lessons from Patrice.  And, the icing on the cake:  We have continued to feel welcome to talk to Patrice again whenever our puppy gets creative and new problems arise. Thanks very much, Patrice!”

–Bob and Ester Matheson

“Patrice is the BEST!  If you want someone who is incredibly patient and thorough in working with you and your dog, Patrice is the trainer for you.  Her approach to dog training is one of consistency and kindness which she exemplifies in her explanations to you as the owner & in the actual process of working with the dogs.

Patrice has an intuitive sense with dogs – she’s amazing to watch as she works with them.  Her example makes it comfortable for you as the novice trainer to ‘do the right thing’ when training your dog at home.  She will go out of her way to help you resolve any issue you are having with your dog.  In addition to physically working with your dog,  she will research the issue from her vast dog training resources and provide you with written information that will really help you deal with your problem.

We recommend her very highly– Cricket, our 7 month old puppy, loved her too!”

–Joanne & Ted

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